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Bored Spouse

Sunday, 22 November 2009

''Sleep'' Where art thou?

Can anyone practically define the true meaning of boredom?
I cannot sleep because i am craving a bit of attention as well as someone to talk to.Everything seems so heavy because there is no one to share my thoughts,my good and bad moments with.
I wonder how people who have been in marriges or relationships for twenty to thirty odd years cope with divorce and seperation: some describe it as freedom,,but i refer to it as another level of boredom! Even though couples still find boredom in marriages.
What do you think? I sometimes felt that way with my spouse around me,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then hes not there ....its.......................hmmmmmm
Maybe just listenng to some 80s music will give me a bit of thrill (the likes of whitesnake
or mister mister)...Yeah thats what i need tonite!


  1. Very nice. Keep it up.

  2. You're not bored. You're frustrated and feeling cheated. Bored is finding all the excuses not to do all the things you kid yourself you want to do.
    You're frustrated because you've moved away from one unhappy existence without having found anything better - only a different kind of unhappiness. Cheated? Because you have wasted all those year acheiving a library of bad experiences, fond memories elude you now and you need a soulmate so badly... but where to find him? And will he turn out the same... eventually?


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