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People love and marry for different reasons,therefore today,it is ideal to say that there are many marriages and relationships which experience marital boredom rather than marital bliss.This site therefore explores the mind of bored lovers and spouses and also bring them together to share experiences from different backgrounds and to put an end to marital boredom.Feel free to pour out your worries here and share your sweet and sneaky experiences,or it might just be your fantasies you would like to tell us about.There is also my personalized chat-room 'three things' .Bored spouses coming together is fun!

Bored Spouse

Monday, 13 September 2010

Positive to Permanent Change?

I always use a question mark for my headers for a strange reason i am yet to understand.There have been series of event as regards to my 'change'.I love my change,the maker of this change and every thing that has changed since this change occured in my life.A better person,brighter understanding,fulfilling individual: these are the attributes of a positive change in any circumstances within the life of a man.As much as I am confused,this is how i feel.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

City Manners'

Yes I am back.I mearnt it.
Its been a really beautiful day and I set off to the city with the kids.Shopping for my hair,nails,even the eyelashes.Hmmm,I know what you are thinking.My positive change? Yes! Only in a few days,has made alot of difference on how I feel about myself as well as my looks.'Its not necessary'is what he'll say,(well i guess)'you look absolutely beautiful without these things' hmmmm lollll.I have obviously been alot more concious of myself going out even for the school run.''You can always push the buggy with the heels'' is what they say isn't it? I totally agree!!!!
I was so upset at the city because I was trying to update my blog from my cellphone,but couldnt find any internet access.This is because some guy just kept on staring at my A.A; was loving the attention,however few minutes later,he was beginning to get on my nerves.I felt like walking over to him and say'you are so ill mannered'Lolllll no chance! I havent got the guts....i'm too shy to make that move.
Right guys,when you have someone that desires you,you tend to give yourself some attention; and wait,,you also get alot back!
These little activities thus goes a long way as well as means alot in a woman's life especially one who is bored.Will these really help kill my boredom or will it just make me deviate from my marital procedure of doing things?
Do you think I am slowly getting away from being a 'Bored Spouse' ?
Talk to meeeee.
Yes I am back.I mearnt it.
Its been a really beautiful and i decided to go out with the kids.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Guys,,, Am Back!

Yes,I only come back when there is something interesting to write about.
There have been some positive changes,hmmmm not just someone to fill that space ( iknow what you are thinking)........
Well,I'm feeling alot happier with this change and i hope nothing messes it up.
Now you want to know innit?? you will hear from me soon.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

''Sleep'' Where art thou?

Can anyone practically define the true meaning of boredom?
I cannot sleep because i am craving a bit of attention as well as someone to talk to.Everything seems so heavy because there is no one to share my thoughts,my good and bad moments with.
I wonder how people who have been in marriges or relationships for twenty to thirty odd years cope with divorce and seperation: some describe it as freedom,,but i refer to it as another level of boredom! Even though couples still find boredom in marriages.
What do you think? I sometimes felt that way with my spouse around me,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then hes not there ....its.......................hmmmmmm
Maybe just listenng to some 80s music will give me a bit of thrill (the likes of whitesnake
or mister mister)...Yeah thats what i need tonite!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Friends to Lovers???

My friend came visiting tonite.Hes loverly and i feel very comfortable with him,however,i am happy for things to remain the way they are.Cos that is how we can really have the joy as friends.
Do you think it is easy for friends to become lovers?
What do you think? Should boundaries be set?
let me know...............................

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Am very bored and 'wanting' tonite.....

Am very lonely and bored tonite.Though married,my husband and i are seperated for one reason or the other.
How do i get a bit of attention from a man? Where can i find that man,that will give me love and care, and (more)
please help me!!!!!!