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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Friends to Lovers???

My friend came visiting tonite.Hes loverly and i feel very comfortable with him,however,i am happy for things to remain the way they are.Cos that is how we can really have the joy as friends.
Do you think it is easy for friends to become lovers?
What do you think? Should boundaries be set?
let me know...............................


  1. Rules are meant to be broken!! ;)

  2. Once you break the rules.....the pains and regrets will show up and you may end up becoming worse than u felt.......and in order to avoid this sad feeling, u may be tempted to remain on your wrong footing, and the viscious cycle continues. Your best bet is....be patient and work at trying to get re-united to your spouse.

  3. life itself is an adventure...don't let it pass you by


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